How will your readers perceive your reviews?

How will your readers perceive your reviews?You’re about to set up a new review blog.  You probably even have a favorite theme you like to use. That’s all well and good; and a professionally-designed blog theme is, in principle, a sensible…
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Start a lawn care business for the right reasons

Start a lawn care business for the right reasons

Starting a new business of any kind is hard work. That is just as true when it comes to a lawn care business. Before you even start putting together a business plan or talking about the idea of owning and operating your own lawn care business, its good to make sure your reasons for starting a lawn care business are the right ones. The purpose you have for going out on your own will have as much to contribute to your final success as any other factor.

There is a certain pride that you will enjoy when you have your own business. And it is true that people who start their own companies often become very wealthy. But even more small business people fail or make a good living but never reach tremendous wealth. Even if you do realize huge success, that success is built on days, weeks, months and years of hard work and careful planning and development of the business. It is not a bad goal to want to own your own lawn care business - to make big money - and enjoy the status of being "the boss". But make sure that desire for money and glory is combined with a strong work ethic and a good grasp of the realities of what lies ahead.

Perhaps the best reason to start your own business doing lawn care for people is that you love the work. Lawn care is a terrific career if you really like to work outdoors. You get plenty of sunshine and fresh air working on making the lawns and gardens of your customers look great. Of course, you do endure some difficult weather sometimes but for the personality that loves being outdoors whether it is hot or cold or even rainy, building a lawn care business will be a good fit to who you are.

There is also a lot of creative expression possible in lawn care work. The reason people hire you is to take a lawn or garden that looks bad and turn it into a thing of beauty. You use the tools you have mastered to sculpt that outdoor space into something your customers will be proud of. That is a worthwhile advocation for anyone. And when you walk away from a job well done and admire the thing of beauty you made, you can get that same thrill that artists get when they make the world a more beautiful place.

Your desire to own your own lawn care business may be that you know you can do a better job than the company you work for. If you have built up strong relationships with customers, it is very common for a skilled lawn care professional to start a new business and be very successful taking away dissatisfied customers from another service. If your focus is on the service you do and on making your customers happy and you know how to recruit and keep skilled workers, you have the basic skills needed to be a big success running your own business.

Lawn care can be a business that will keep you busy and making money for decades. It is somewhat recession proof because everybody need to have their lawns taken care of. Your business is built on relationships with long term customers and that means you may never have to spend a dime on getting new customers. Good lawn care businesses thrive on word of mouth and once the word gets about the quality work that you do, you will have more customers than you know what to do with.

If you have the skills, the aptitude and the right motivations, you can be a success starting your own lawn care business. The research process to learn more about what it will take to start that dream business will give you the "nitty gritty" about the work that lies ahead. If your vision, your dream and your excitement for getting your lawn care business up and running cannot be diminished by the hard work that lies ahead, you are a great candidate to own and operate a business providing lawn care to dozens of happy and grateful customers all over town.


Popular day spa body treatments

Popular day spa body treatments

Your day spa could be designed to provide customers with a good sense of health and relaxation by offering a selection of body treatments.


One of the most popular body treatments offered at a day spa is that of a massage. When it comes to massages, you should know that you can offer more than just having the body rubbed down for an hour or so. Many day spas provide options, as well as many accessories. For example, some spas have what is commonly known as breathe easy massages. These often involve the use of scented lavender oil towels. Hot stones can also be applied to the face, back, stomach, or all three areas.

In addition to full body massages, there are also those available that target specific areas. The scalp is one of those areas, as well as the hands, feet, back, and shoulders.

Salt scrubs

Salt scrubs are another common procedure which involve the use of sea salts. This procedure will exfoliate and cleanse the skin by removeing the dead, top layer of skin from the body. The end result should be clean, young, and fresh looking skin. Due to the use of exfoliating scrubs, this procedure often focuses more on health than relaxation.

Mud wraps

Mud wraps are another body treatment that many day spas offer. With mud wraps, you offer the option of targeting the whole body or just the face. A mud wrap, like the Provencal European Mud Mask, is applied to the body. This will then work to purify, polish, hydrate, and smooth the skin. Before the procedure begins, the skin is often exfoliated. Afterwards, the skin may be moisturized with a carefully chosen cream, like body butter.

Herbal wraps

In addition to mud wraps, herbal wraps are also available. Herbal body wraps involve the use of steamed towels that are wrapped around the body or the targeted area. These towels are first blended with a perfect combination of scented, aromatherapy oils. Herbal wraps cause the body to detoxify, which results in excess fluid being eliminated. Relaxation is another added benefit.

Herbal moisturizing treatments are also available for those who suffer from constant or extreme dry skin. This treatment first involves the application of cream, which is massaged onto the body in thick layers. An herbal wrap, which was described above, often follows.

Additional treatment

In addition to main procedures, such as the ones highlighted above, there are additional steps that can be added. For example, a tan bronze glow can be applied at the end of each procedure. Having a slight, yet safe, tan is ideal if your customer is preparing for an upcoming special event, like a wedding or a vacation. Many men and women feel better about themselves and feel more attractive when they are tan.

It is also important to note that there are specific areas of the body that can be targeted, like the hands or the feet. Spa foot treatments and hand treatments are popular options. As for the foot treatment, you will likely soak their feet in warm soapy water. Next, their feet will be scrubbed and exfoliated. A special foot mask may also be applied. Both hand and foot treatments are often finished with a nail trimming.


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3 Phases Of Article Marketing Nobody Is Talking About

I assume you write articles and submit to article directories, just as all the expert guides tell you. But the traffic you register are less then expected. The reason why the traffic have taken another direction may be any of these three:

  • Search Engine Indexing
  • Article Presentation
  • Call to Action

Fortunately, there are things you can do in all three phases to drive the traffic your way.

Search Engine Indexing

Traffic will not come unless your article is picked up by the search engines. One way to find out if your article is indexed, is to search for your article by the title. If it is in the search engine index, your article should show up on the search results. If not - it is most likely not indexed yet.

Search engines have robots crawling the internet all the time registering new and updated content. Their findings are processed by the search engines and made ready for search results. Each time a visitor enters a search term the search engine will present the most relevant content, according to their indexing. Your article will be included in the search results only if the search engine considers it relevant to the search term.

And here is the first point where the article you submitted may fail to generate traffic.

Search Engine Results Pages - SERP

Search engines present the 10 most relevant web pages on SERP page 1. Almost all traffic will be generated from this page. Some traffic will come from the second page, and lower placements receive almost no attention from visitors. Obviously, your article must be on the first page of the search engine results to generate traffic.

A simple search engine optimization technique will increase the possibility for a top 10 placement. Focus your article on one search term and

  • use this search term in the title
  • as early as possible in the beginning of your article
  • 3-4 times per 100 words in the content and,
  • as late as possible in your last paragraph.

Keep in mind that overdoing things may be considered as keyword spamming, which may result in search engines deleting your article from the index. A good tip is not to focus to much on search engines. Instead, make sure your articles are easy to read and provide good information to your reader.

Less competitive search terms may achieve first page placements with the above technique alone, whilst for more competitive search terms you will have to employ additional SEO techniques.

Article Presentation

Until this point, you have optimized your article and article listing to meet the search engine requirements. From now on you optimize your article to meet the requirements of you visitor and reader. In other words, in phase two and three you must keep in mind you are communicating with a person.

To sum up phase one - You write an article and submit it to article directories. You follow the guidelines and focus your article on one search term. Your article is indexed by the search engines and included in the top 10 search results.

Why is there still less traffic than expected? Well, this is the next point your article may fail to generate traffic.

SERP Competition For Visitor's Attention

The visitor entering a search term is searching for information. Now it is up to the visitor to decide which of the 10 listings promise the most relevant information. In addition, the search results page also includes a number of ads fighting for the her attention. Your article will not get the click, unless the listing stands out from the rest on the SERP.

Take a look at the ads on the search results page. This is paid advertising and the advertisers continously fine tune their ads to generate as much traffic as possible. Advertisers on Google have a limitation of a headline of 25 characters and two text lines of 35 characters. Yet, they manage to present their website and emphasise the unique benefits of their product or service.

Your article is listed with the headline followed by a short text the search engines pick from your introduction paragraph or the description you entered when you submitted the article to the directories. Write your headline and introduction with this in mind. Your listing would then include

  • a benefit - what's in it for me
  • a promise - you'll find it here
  • proof - others do it too or this is what it did for me
  • a curiosity element or call to action to entice the visitor to read your article

Will the article deliver on the promise?

You have, through your article headline and introduction, convinced the visitor your article will provide the information she is looking for. She clicks the link and is directed to the page where your article is posted.

Now you have only 5 to 7 seconds to show her your article provides the information she was searching for. She will look for clues whether your article is worth reading or not.

To catch her interest, you should use sub-headlines. Sub-headlines wil stand out from the body text and provide the clues she is looking for. At this point, if you are not able to catch the her interest, she will not only leave your article. She will leave your article dissapointed and with the impression you did not deliver what you promised.

Call to Action

Ending your article with a closing statement will tell the visitor - this was it - we are now finished - and she will continue to the next article even before looking at the resource box.

The Resource Box

The most important thing you include here is a link back to the website you want to drive traffic to. This link will contribute to improving your search engine placement, even if you have noe readers clicking the link. But remember, only the visitor clicking this link will be counted as traffic to your website.

Use the final paragraph of your article to tell the visitor you have delivered what you promised, but there this even more information at your website. Then write a strong call to action and provide the link to your website in the resource box.

Is Your Website Prepared For The Traffic?

Getting the visitors attention and making her read your article should be building up to the action you want the visitor to take at your landing page. In fact, you should write articles with this in your mind in addition to the three phases described above.

Each step of the process should be experienced by the visitor as a natural step forward. A step back may turn your visitor's expectations into disappointment at any phase and turn her into part of the traffic you lost.